Qualities of a great Adelaide dentist

What makes a good Adelaide dentist? It can be hard to pin down exactly, however finding a great dentist in Adelaide will certainly make caring for your teeth easier and far less stressful.

Have a think about what you want from a dentist and check out the qualities that can help to make the difference between a good and a truly great dentist:

1. Excellent Communication Skills

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It’s very natural to feel a little apprehensive arriving at the dentist and finding yourself on the dentist’s chair.

However with clear communication from your dentist and a manner that sets you at ease, you’ll find the whole experience far less nerve wracking.

A good dentist will talk reassuringly to you before, during and after any dental procedure to update you on what they’re doing.

2. Manual Dexterity

Dentists can’t be clumsy. Your mouth is a small space to work in and you’ll want to find a dentist who has good manual dexterity – this includes good coordination and the ability to keep a steady hand.

Fine motor skills will also help your dentist work more efficiently and effectively. 

3. General Health

You want a dentist who is healthy and leads by example. When carrying out procedures, dentists regularly have to stand for prolonged periods of time in order to get the best angle for their work.

In addition, you’ll want to find a doctor who seems fit and well – although they will wear hygiene masks it’s never encouraging if they’re coughing and spluttering with a cold.

4. Compassion


Some people have real phobias about going to the dentist. For many it can be a highly stressful experience or they may become incredibly nervous at certain procedures.

Finding a great Adelaide dentist will involve finding someone who has the right mix of confidence, compassion and the ability to calm you whilst you’re in their care.

5. Good Networks

Sometimes you’ll need extra treatment in and around your standard dental work. A great Adelaide dentist will be somebody who has good connections with others in the sector and who can direct you to other skilled and trusted practitioners such as hygienists or orthodontists.

6. Highly Qualified

To be a good dentist, you must first have all the qualifications from a university. This typically takes 4-5 years of full time study, and you can even do a masters of health sciences as well to ensure you are the most qualified of all your contemporaries.


To summarise, it’s takes a bit of time and effort to find the right Adelaide dentist who is going to be the best for your personal circumstances. A mixture of the right qualifications, surgery skills, dexterity and contacts will typically make a good dentist!

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Should you whiten your teeth?

Welcome to the Shaolin Dental blog! We’ll be blogging about the latest dental techniques as well as other useful health tips for our patients and other clients.

Our most asked for topic comes from the booming industry of teeth whitening and removing the discolouration from teeth.

Teeth whitening has become extremely popular, with hundreds of thousands of people choosing to change their smile by making it brighter and whiter. This post outlines it in more details: http://www.wikihow.com/Whiten-Teeth

Whilst it can dramatically increase confidence and self esteem, teeth whitening may not be the best option for everyone so always check whether it’s right for you before committing to it.


Initial Steps

There are a few initial steps you can take before considering whitening treatment. Often patients find that a few simple changes can actually eliminate the need for whitening altogether. These could include:

  • Changes to lifestyle habits such as quitting smoking or drinking red wine
  • Changes to diet such as drinking less coffee or tea
  • Flossing and brushing your teeth twice a day and using mouth wash
  • Having a professional clean and scale to remove all signs of plaque on the teeth

Consult a dentist (like us!)

The best way to find out whether teeth whitening is right for you, and if so which type of whitening treatment, is to consult your dentist. They will be able to save you time and money by looking at your teeth and advising on the next steps.

A good dentist will examine you for:

Current oral health: this will most likely include a visual examination of the current state of your mouth, teeth and tongue.

  • Discolouration of the teeth: dentists will look for grey or yellow colouring on the teeth and aim to accurately pinpoint the cause of this discolouration
  • Antibiotic Staining: this is something that can influence the whitening process and will be easily spotted by an experienced dentist
  • Fillings, crowns and veneers: this will involve an assessment regarding what condition these are in and whether they need replacing
  • Gum recession: your dentist may look for evidence of this and identify areas where it may be occurring.

You should also let your dentist know if you currently experience any tooth sensitivity as some whitening techniques can provoke and worsen this.